Cohort Bergen 2018

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AlgaePro, Norway

AlgaePro promotes industrial production of microalgae and sales of the algal biomass for end products, such as nutritional supplements, animal feed, cosmetics, feedstock, bio-plastic and fertilizer.


Aqua Connect, India

Aqua Connect's Omni channel marketplace provides Indian aqua-farmers with access to quality hatcheries, suppliers and export markets and addresses the sustainability issues of a 5.7 billion USD aquaculture products marketplace.

Currently, about 3000 shrimp farmers in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu work with Aqua Connect to connect with the marketplace.

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Finless Foods, USA

Finless Foods is producing high-quality seafood without mercury, plastic, antibiotics, or added growth hormones. They’re also doing it without fishing or any animal cruelty, by producing just the meat of an animal using cellular biology. This approach is creating a fresh and clean supply of previously expensive and unhealthy seafood products, without any of the downsides. It’s real fish, without the catch.

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Jala, Indonesia

JALA is a shrimp farm solution where farmers can manage their farm based on data to boost yields and create a sustainable business. Jala provides a farming assistance that combines monitoring devices with a software platform. By using JALA, the farmers can monitor the water condition and get actionable insight to minimise the risk of failure. Jala's farm management tool helps farmers to do financial projects, planning, scheduling, and reporting to increase their yield.


Manolin, USA

Manolin brings a digital solution to accelerate the sharing of resources between companies to better treat, manage, and prevent sea lice outbreaks in the salmon industry. It streamlines the coordination between salmon producers and service providers to provide faster responses towards the prevention and treatment of health outbreaks. Using digital tools (mobile devices, dashboards), their platform will notify farmers of activities occurring throughout the industry and accelerate the communication available across farms, the government, and service entities.

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Sensaway, Portugal

Sensaway is the bridge between sensors and monitoring systems. Sensaway allows aquaculture companies to add sensors to their current network, aiming to improve sensor data quality, reduce maintenance costs and empower the end-user with an easy to maintain solution.

Founded by two Aerospace Engineers, it became clear that the harsh environment and electrical power conditions found at aquaculture companies reduced data quality and sensor durability.


Tradeit, UK

Tradeit is a online seafood marketplace connecting the seafood industry by providing a full-end trading platform to allow importers and exporters to interact through a collaborative business model. Both the import and export sectors leverage their brand identity and origin by adopting a cohesive online presence. Exporters and importers participate by adopting a one-brand approach to a larger target audience of B2B clients.

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VerifiK8, Thailand

Verifik8 helps to monitor and verify both social and environmental performances in the food supply chains. It provides data intelligence and analytics for robust suppliers’ screenings and monitoring international operations.

VerifiK8 re-invent compliance in mining data from the first mile throughout the supply-chain with a generic data-mining system and corresponding algorythms to match with any reporting framework and buyers’ requirement scheme.