+ When does the next accelerator program start?

17 September 2018

+ Where is the next accelerator program located?

Cork, Ireland. Industry and investory weeks in Norway and Singapore are included

+ How much investment does my company receive?

Total program value 80.000 Euro (25.000 Euro in cash, plus mentoring, training, perks, office space, demo day etc.). We invest our capital and services through a convertible loan note. We offer further funding during the program to those that, from our persepctive, require it and we would like to invest in further.

+ Does the accelerator take any equity?

Yes, 8%.

+ Do I need to be a registered company to apply?

Not at application stage. But you will be required to set up an entity before the program commences.

+ Our team has already been through an accelerator program. Are we still eligible to participate?

We encourage applications from start-ups that have already completed an accelerator program and wish to enter the aquaculture market; Hatch is positioned to offer best value to "post-accelerator" start-ups.

+ What is the minimum number of participants per team?


+ Do I need to be on-site during the entire program?

Yes. We require at least two relevant team members to be there at all time.

+ Will there be a demo day?

Yes. At the end of the program you will present your company to a selected audience of investors, corporate partners and press.

+ What happens after the program ends?

Free office space will be available for participants for up to nine months post programme. HATCH will continue to play a hands-on role assisting participants to navigate the minefield of raising finance, sorting out business propositions, arranging agreements with shareholders and investors, and, most important of all, finding customers.

+ Can you help with Visa Immigration issues?

Of course. We will assist you where possible.

+ Who is behind HATCH?

HATCH was founded by Alimentos Ventures, an aquaculture-specific VC in 2017.

+ How much is the fish?

That's the ultimate question. Only Scooter knows.