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Disrupting the industry

Modeled on the "accelerators" that spot and develop tech-industry talent in California, Hatch describes itself as the first company dedicated to nurturing aquaculture startups. Co-founder Georg Baunach is backing companies using digital technology to build new online seafood marketplaces or combat the sea lice parasites that thrive in crowded salmon cages – the biggest problem facing Norway’s fish farms today.


Seafood startups make a splash in Bergen

The large room at the back of Bergen’s Marineholmen building is a hive of activity. The startup company Minnowtech is working flat out to create a model of their new waterborne robot. Elsewhere, other teams of founders are hurriedly packing for the next leg of their journey. They’ll be flying out first to Indonesia, and then on to Singapore.

SPECIAL REPORT-Ocean Shock: Building a Silicon Valley of the Sea

BERGEN, Norway, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Norway has built the world’s biggest salmon-farming industry. But it wants to go bigger. With their lucrative oil fields now in decline, Norwegians have ambitious plans for aquaculture to power their economy far into the future.

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Ireland welcomes aquaculture entrepreneurs

An international selection of aquaculture start-ups operating in disciplines such as agtech, analytics and AI arrived in Cork this week to begin Ireland’s first accelerator programme for aquaculture.

Fish and chips: how computer analytics can transform aquaculture

Tony Chen, founder of Manolin, explains why he ditched working for Uncle Sam in favour of joining an aquaculture accelerator, even though he’s better at managing data than fish

HATCH aquaculture accelerator kicks off in Ireland with new cohort

rish seafood development agency BIM has partnered with Bergen, Norway-based HATCH to bring a business accelerator program to Ireland, focused on aquaculture.


BREAKING: Finless Foods Raises $3.5m Seed Round to Culture Bluefin Tuna

Finless Foods, a San Francisco-based startup working on culturing tuna using cellular agriculture, has closed a $3.5 million seed round led by California tech VC Draper Associates.

Article on undercurrentnews.com

Article on undercurrentnews.com

Norwegian aquaculture accelerator on lookout for high-potential startups

HATCH claims to be the world´s first startup accelerator focused on the aquaculture industry, and is currently seeking talented aquaculture startups from all over the world to participate in its three-month program beginning April 2018.

Article on Kyst.no

Article on Kyst.no

Søker oppstartsbedrifter til innovasjonsprogram for havbruk

Innovasjonsprogrammet er satt i gang i samarbeid mellom Hatch og Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO), og er åpent for søknader fra hele verden.


Article on AgfunderNews

Article on AgfunderNews

Aquaculture Startup Ecosystem Takes a Step Forward with New Accelerator

"That is something Bergen is well suited to offer. Aquaculture is a visible part of the city’s fabric. “You walk around Bergen and you don’t see Facebook or Shell in the big office buildings. You see Cargill,” Krome said. “We meet the head of global aquaculture at Cargill at the coffee machine in our office.”

Article on thefishsite.com

Article on thefishsite.com

Hatching a plan for aquacultural innovation

Hatch, the world´s first start-up accelerator focused on the aquaculture industry, is now offering funding and business support for talented aquaculture start-ups.


Article on aquaculturealliance.org

Article on aquaculturealliance.org

Bergen becoming seafood startup city as accelerator Hatch sets up shop

Founder Carsten Krome has global ambitions for investment mentorship program. Carsten Krome, founder of Hatch, speaks at the Global Aquaculture Alliance's GOAL conference.