Our portfolio is a reflection of our mandate. We only invest in companies with a declared mission to create a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

Global Cohort 2019


Based in Norway, using high-resolution satellite images Dynaspace deliver a dependable flow of information and intelligence to make decisions fast and effective for shrimp farmers. Working with farmers, suppliers, importers/exporters, processors, investment-banks, consultants and authorities all around the globe to deliver unique analysis, insights, and answers.


Algaeba is an aquaculture technology company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is primarily focused on a  PL and live feed counter, and automated hatchery that helps to produce high quality post-larvae. 


An integrated B2B online seafood marketplace. Demo product completed and consulting with key industry players in China. Catchatrade plans to target the top four aquaculture producing countries: China,  Indonesia, India, and Vietnam. 



Hawaii-based biotechnology company that uses microalgae and other organisms to develop specialty chemicals and raw materials (such as astaxanthin)


Based in Baltimore, Gaskiya makes low cost, paper-based, diagnostic test kits - currently focused on streptococcus for a target species of Tilapia 


Based in the Ireland, Impact9 develops new mechanical and structural solutions for offshore applications, mainly focused on novel mooring and anchoring solutions for offshore fish containers. Enabling aquaculture operations to move into more exposed environments.




Singapore-based Kinnva utilizes innovative fermentation technologies and intensified processing methods to produce high value biochemicals and biomaterials for feed and food applications.


FeedVax develops a platform of oral vaccines that will reduce the use of antibiotics, eliminate fish stress and simplify farmer's life, specifically for Streptococcosis in tilapia. Based in Argentina. 

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Montana Microbial

Creating an enzymatic treatment for barley that produces a high-value protein concentrate for use in aquaculture feed. Montana Microbial operates a fully equipped laboratory and a bioprocess pilot plant for scale up in Montana, USA.


Nitrogen Sensing Solutions

The NSS NOxAqua will be a smart multiparametric sensor for water analysis measuring simultaneously three nitrogen compounds - ammonium, nitrite and nitrate - accurately and in real-time. Portugal based.


Developing efficient seaweed growing methodology for the purpose of methane reduction in ruminant animals, California-based.

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An Ireland based company culturing a particular strain of Archaea as an aquaculture pond additive. Trials have shown the archaea to increase production and reduce inputs (such as aeration needs).


 2018 Cohorts



With a combination of data and insights, Manolin Innsikt monitors and analyzes health issues to help farmers improve their sea lice strategies in an ever-changing environment.


JALA empowers shrimp farmers to increase their yields through technology and smart data. The company monitors water quality on shrimp ponds and this data can be accessed online in real-time.


Holding the exclusive license to the first patented pending technology that allows for quantitative high-throughput measurement of metabolic rate to select individual aquatic animals with improved feed efficiency and growth rate.

Finless Foods

Harnessing cellular biology, Finless Foods are developing a groundbreaking new way to produce nutritious, environmentally-friendly versions of seafood.


High return investment opportunities in aquaculture, farm financing and optimisation

Prospective Research

Building adaptive microbiome modulators that replace the need for antibiotics and medicated feed in the aquaculture and agriculture sector.



Sustainable algae biomass from
circular bioeconomy


Developing novel and environmentally friendly oral biotherapeutics for aquaculture.

Savitri Aquamonk

Harvest area sensing and predictive analysis for precision shrimp aquaculture


Non-invasive biomass estimation and shrimp counting technology.


Scalable eco-friendly & farmer friendly technological innovations in aqua farming under one umbrella.

Wittaya Aqua

The Wittaya AquaOp platform helps farms analyse data to make better decisions on feeding, water quality and production management.


Global trading platform for sustainable seafood products


Helping fish farmers make better decisions by improving the quality and availability of their data.


An integrated data analytics platform connecting the dots in the supply chain in three simple steps