We are looking for innovative and scalable solutions for relevant aquaculture problems and only accept entrepreneurs who are willing to focus 100% on their venture.

Your application will be considered by our team of experts and we will come back to you with a result or further questions within four weeks.




You will receive full support to accelerate your business via aquaculture entrepreneurship training, ongoing mentorship, introduction to potential strategic partners and customers, marketing exposure and legal support.

We believe that strong relationships with our team, your mentors and peers are key. We will provide you the opportunity to meet everyone in person, but also give you the flexibility to continue your operations from your current location.



In parallel to the program you have the opportunity to develop your product further together with our R&D partner. You will have access to laboratories and experimental facilities as well as scientific expertise. This would allow you to run a feeding or challenge trial for example. Together with our R&D we help you to plan your product development to make the most out of the product development budget.



Once you are investment-ready, we introduce you to an aquaculture specific investor community. In addition you will pitch to our follow-on fund, which invests €100k-1M into high potential companies.